Keiser Message On-Hold
5077 Old Carriage Road
Northampton, PA 18067

Phone: 610-837-4644
Fax: 610-837-2622


What can Keiser Message On-Hold Company do for my business?
Keiser Message On-Hold Company turns wasted time and opportunity into something pleasant, entertaining and informative for the callers placed on hold. Instead of just silence or a radio station, your holding callers could be hearing about your new products and services, your other locations, the special sale coming up, and your appreciation for their patronage. Deliver another level of quality customer service.

I have locations throughout the U.S. Could Keiser Message On-Hold Company service them all?
Absolutely! At Keiser Message On-Hold Company we have customers from California to Florida. We can service your offices anywhere in the continental U.S.

Will Keiser Message On-Hold Company work on my business telephone system?
Yes, with only a very few exceptions.

Who writes the script and records Keiser Message On-Hold Company programs?
Professional scriptwriters work closely with you to come up with a script that says exactly what you want to convey to your callers. Provide us with as much or as little information as you wish and we'll do the rest. Our voiceover artists are professionals with years of experience in producing recordings that sound friendly and sincere. Male and female announcers are available. Sound effects can be used to make your message more impacting or entertaining.

Can I choose my own music?
Of course. We have hundreds of selections to choose from, in a variety of styles and tempos, all fully licensed.

How often can I make changes to my message?
As often as you like. It's your marketing campaign, change your production quarterly, monthly, weekly, or when you request.

How do I change my message?
It couldn't be easier - just call, fax or e-mail us and we will start the process of writing and producing a new production.